Cole Family 2

Fanny Longman my great grandmother must I think have been a bit of a character ,having been widowed at a early age and with 3 young children to bring up she continued after her husband's death to run his coal yard and and maintain the local deliveries by horse and cart ,she herself going to Poole Quay where she bought the coal and brought back to her yard and bagged and then off to deliver no small feat with 3 young children !.


She remarried 3 years later and somewhat disastrously to Frederick Scott a much youngr man ! the marriage was short lived ,and when Fanny died in 1945 she was buried as Fanny Cole and interred with her first husband Harry Cole her first love.


my granny fannys death in western gazette 1945 Save 20044 fanny in 1901

Below  is the 1901 Census for Kinson Village showing Fanny Scott formerly Cole