There seems to have been many Daniel's in the Sim's family so I thought a seperate page just for the Daniel's!!




Cranborne and Cranborne Chase

The exciseman's house is on the corner of the street opposite the present post office.

Like the New Forest, and bordering on it, Cranborne Chase had also become a notorious haunt of smugglers, cutpurses and other brigands, and the situation there became such a threat to law and order that it was cut down in 1830. Of Cranborne itself, a tale is told of how one of the local men, known as Dan, was cutting turf when his brother in law rode up to tell him that the Exciseman had searched Dan's house and found eleven tubs hidden in the cellar. Dan then returned to Cranborne, and took up his habitual (and inconspicuous) seat in the bar of the Flower De Luce. Eventually the Exciseman appeared, bragging that he had seized the tubs, and stored them at his house. At this, Dan slipped unnoticed from the bar, and tore off to rally support. A gang of smugglers returned at midnight, and Dan went into the town and chalked a mark of the exciseman's door (presumably so that he would not have to attend in person)...

Being made sure of their prize the ruffians soon followed, and one of them beat in the door with the sledge hammer, whilst another stood in the street with a loaded horse pistol, threatening to blow out the Exciseman's brains, or of any other person who offered to resist them. Having secured the 'goods' they soon loaded their carts and horses, and with one outrider in front, armed, and another in the rear they galloped away with them; nor had the incident any unpleasant sequel so far as I ever heard, and it only afforded a subject of gossip in the Public-houses of Cranborne.

A search of the parish registers suggests that the Dan mentioned in this quote was probably Daniel Sims, who died in 1826 from injuries caused by a fall from his horse.



Sims Bread Charity PE/VWD/CH 1 [n.d.]

Probate copy of the will of Daniel Sims of Verwood, who bequeathed money for the purchase of bread to be given out by the churchwardens every year on St Thomas' day (proved 1 Jul 1879) PE/VWD/CH 1/1 10 Nov 1876



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