De'Courtenay Family

The Courtenay family has roots in France and England with many branches spread throughout the world. Significant branches of the family are located today in England, Ireland, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.


The Courtenay Society was formed in response to numerous suggestions made to the Earl of Devon, head of the Courtenay Family, that an organisation should be established that would link the descendants of ATHON de Courtenay (c AD 985 - AD 1065) throughout the world. Over the centuries the spelling of the name has taken many forms, Courtenay being the original form, but, for convenience, only one spelling could be adopted for the name of the Society. The membership includes the many variants as well as distaff members of many other names.


Courtenays, however they have spelt their name, have played important, and well recorded roles, in the world's history from their origin in France, during the Crusades, as Emperors of the Byzantine Empire, to that of England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and last, but not least, the U.S.A.The Courtenay Society is based in Devon, England at Powderham Castle.

















 My connection to this familyis through my niece who descends through this Line.

 Many years ago my niece took me to see Powderham Castle and we joked as to the possibilities of her      descending from this Line of  Courtenays or the original name of  De'Courtenay.


 My research was greatly helped by Burke's Peerage. Just wished my family lines were that  easy !