Pictured far right is Ivy Beatrice Dennis 1927-1986

Her father was Thomas John Dennis but he used the name "John or Jack"

His father was George Percival Dennis born 1858 Fontmell Magna Dorset


1841 * Fontmell Magna

44   Crop *  Stephen   DENNIS   55   Ag Lab   Dorset  

  Elizabeth   DENNIS   57  Dorset

  Elizabeth   DENNIS   22   Dorset

  Mary   DENNIS   18  Dorset

  Samuel   DENNIS   16   Dorset

  John   DENNIS   8   Dorset

  Philip   TUFFIN   23   Ag Lab   Dorset

  Hannah   TUFFIN   21   Dorset

  Eliza   TUFFIN   3   Dorset

 William   TUFFIN   1   Dorset


1851*Fontmell Magna

25   One House Building  

Eliza   DENNISS   Head   Mar   27   Wife of Wm Dennis (Drover)  

 Tom William   DENNISS   Son   4   Scholar;   East Orchard  

 John   DENNISS   Son  1  Fontmell  F217 /P5


136   Cross Stephen   DENNESS   Head   Mar   65   Ag.Lab   Compton

  Elizabeth   DENNESS   Wife   67  Fontmell  

  Samuel   DENNESS   Son   U   24   Ag.Lab   Fontmell  

  John   DENNESS   Son   U   18   Ag.Lab   Fontmell


1861*Census Fontmell Magna

 Stephen DENNISS Head Widr 72 Ag Lab Dorset, Compton

 John DENNISS Son Mar 28 Ag Lab Dorset, Fontmell

 Ellen DENNISS Wife Mar 23 Ag Lab's Wife Dorset, Sutton

 William J.DENNISS Grand son 3 Scholar Dorset, Fontmell

 George DENNISS Grand son 1 Dorset Fontmell


1971*Fontmell Magna


 Hartgrove*   Joseph   DENNIS   Head   M   67   Ag. Lab.   Fontmell  

 Isabella   DENNIS   Wife  M   70  Shaftesbury  


12 Fontmell Magna

 Samuel;   DENNES   Head   M   46   Ag.Lab   Fontmell

 Elizabeth   DENNES   Wife   M   41 Sutton  

 Alice   DENNES   Daur   7   Scholar   Fontmell  

 Beatrice   DENNES   Daur  5   Scholar   Fontmell  

  Sarah   JEFFERY   M-in-law   Widr   70   Formerly a Washerwoman   Sutton



John   DENNIS   Head   M   38   Ag.Lab   Fontmell

 Ellen   DENNIS   Wife   M   33   Sutton  

 George   DENNIS   Son   11   Ag.Lab.   Fontmell

 Sarah   DENNIS   Daur   9   Scholar;   Fontmell

 Elizabeth   DENNIS;   Daur   7   Scholar   Fontmell

 Ellen K   DENNIS   Daur  4   Scholar   Fontmell

 Stephen   DENNIS   Son 11 mo  Fontmell



George Dennis abt 1858 Fontwell, Dorset Head

Emma Dennis abt 1858 Newtown, Dorset Wife

Beatrice Dennis abt 1879 Newtown, DorsetDaughter

Maud E. Dennis Alton, Hampshire    Daughter



George Dennis abt 1860 Shaftesbury, Dorset Head

Emma Dennis abt 1858 Longfleet, Dorset Wife

Beatrice Dennis  abt 1879 Kinson, Dorset Daughter

Ethel Dennis   abt 1881 Shaftesbury, Dorset Daughter

Ellen Dennis abt 1890 Kinson, Dorset Daughter

John Dennis abt 1888 Kinson, Dorset Son

William Dennis abt 1858 Shaftesbury, Dorset Brother


1901*Civil Parish: Branksome Ecclesiastical parish: Kinson St Andrew

George Denniss abt 1860 Fontmell, Dorset Head

Emma Denniss abt 1857 Longfleet, Dorset Wife

Ethel Denniss abt 1881 Alton, Hampshire Daughter

John Denniss abt 1888 Kinson, Dorset Son

Ellen Denniss   abt 1891 Kinson, Dorset, England Daughter

Flossie Denniss abt 1893 Kinson, Dorset, England Daughter

Stephen Denniss abt 1895 Kinson, Dorset, England Son

Horace Denniss abt 1897 Branksome, Dorset, England Son

George Denniss   abt 1899 Branksome, Dorset, England Son

Reginald Denniss abt 1899 Branksome, Dorset, England Grandson


1911*  Address:Cuckoo Road Upper Parkstone


DENNISS, George Married 32 years 51 1860 Labourer General Fontmell Magna Dorset

DENNISS, Emily Wife Married 32 years 53 1858 Longfleet Poole

DENNISS, Stephen Son Single 17 1894 Labourer General New Town Dorset

DENNISS, Horace Son Single 15 1896 Labourer General New Town Dorset

DENNISS, George Son 11 1900 School New Town Dorset

DENNISS, Dorothy Daughter 9 1902 New Town Dorset

DENNISS, Rigenal Grandchild 12 1899 New Town

Save 20089

1841*Sutton Waldron

Sarah Jeffery 40

Ann Jeffery 15

Elizabeth Jeffery 11

Maria Jeffery 7

Ellen Jeffery 3


1851*Sutton Waldron

Sarah Jeffery  abt 1800 Sutton, Dorset,

Elizabeth Jeffery  abt 1829 Sutton dau

Maria Jeffery abt 1832 Daughter dau

Ellen Jeffery  abt 1840 Sutton, Daughter

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                                        Marriage of Reggie Dennis to Nellie Christopher 1921