Shering/Shearing Family


When I first started looking for my Shering / Shearing family I was lucky enough to contact the Verwood Historical Society and was given alot of help and Information  from Jill Coulthard  and fellow researcher Pat a huge thankyou to them both.


Shearing/Shering's .

My Great Grandad Aram seth Shering always spelt his name name Shering and married Kate Beckingham in 1884 where his name was mispelt and entered as Hiram  Shearing .


Aram's daughter Nora Jane born 1890--1956   married Henry James Cole .


Aram lived or was brought up by his grandfather Robert Shering and his granny Jane Ferrett in Verwood ,Robert was a master Potter and at one time ran the "Cross Roads Potteries" in Verwood. Some of his pottery is in the local museum and artifacts from the pottery can be found along with the history of the Verwood potteries at the Verwood Heritage Centre in Verwood .The Verwood Historical Society also has a website detailing the history and also many other facts on the local families of Verwood their website is  :-

Pots made were :- cups, candle sticks, vases, bird baths, flower pots, money bottles, ornamental pots, milk jugs, sugar bowls, casseroles, chamber pots, wash basins and jugs and perfumed bricks. These bricks were approximately two inches long, one inch wide and three quarters of an inch deep, and were sent to a Broadstone perfumery to be perfumed



Robert Sherring 55

Grace Sherring 55

Martha Sherring 20


1841* Cranborne

Robert Shearing 30

Jean Shearing 30  (Jane)

Agnes Shearing 8


1851* Cranborne

Robert Sherring 42

Jane Sherring 42

Agness Sherring 18



Rob Shering abt 1809 born Horton, Dorset,   Head  

Jane Shering abt 1809 born Verwood, Dorset Wife  

Aram T Shering abt 1856 born Verwood, Dorset Grandson  


 Census  1911:-

SHERING, Aram Head Married 55 1856 Corporation Labourer Verwood

SHERING, Kate Wife Married 25 years 50 1861 Verwood Dorsetshire

SHERING, Nora Daughter 20 1891 Shop Assistant Redhill Dorsetshire

SHERING, Harry Son Single 18 1893 Farm Labourer Redhill Dorsetshire

SHERING, Agnes Daughter   9 1902 School Redhill Dorsetshire


Bournemouth Enumeration District:47 Parish:Bournemouth

 Address:7 Redhill Moordown County:Hampshire





CrossRoads Pottery


Above is the marriage entry for Robert Shering and Grace Cutler  1807 Edmondsham

                          Pictured below is Edmondsham Parish Church.

Edmondsham CHURCH

1871* Verwood Dorset

Robert Shering 62

Jane Shering 62

Aram Shering 15

1891* Census Kinson.

Aram Shering 35

Janet M Shering 2

Kate Shering 30

Margrett A Shering 5

Nora J Shering 5/12

Tryhlina Shering 4



Abraham Shering 45

Harry G Shering 8

Jannetta M Shering12

Kate Shering 41

Nora J Shering 10

Tryphena Shering14