My link with Somerset comes via my Cuff (Cuffe)and Balch(Baulch) Ancestors.

My Cuff family who moved to Dorset at some point were originally from Somerset according to various sources that I have come across, my Balch family were also from Somerset and moved to Dorset abt1860 .Nehemiah Balch son of another Nehemiah ,is on the 1851/61 Census as "carman" to a wealthy lady ,it seems he left Brewham Somerset to work in radipole Weymouth . At some point he must have returned and married Mary Balch in 1863 ?were they cousins? as the same surname ?.

Tragically Nehemiah was dead by 1871 not long after mary had had her 4th child Stephen,few months after her husbands death sadly Stephen also died so she had a double tragedy ,she must have decide to return to her home village ,maybe to be near her family,and in 1879 she married Solomon Green in Wincanton Somerset.

Having found Balch families who emigrated to America who i strongly think are connected as they also originate from from Bruton ,I have yet to connect the lines.Indeed I know very little of this branch of my tree so if anyone can shed some light on this family I would be gratefull. Kathleen Baulch/Balch b 1868 radipole Weymouth Dorset married George Cuff b 1863 Shapwick Dorset ,the marriage took place at Heatherlands Dorset on the 29th December 1887 both families having moved form their previous abodes. I have not been able to connect with any descendands of the Baulch family ? maybe they never had any sons?or maybe just moved away? I know Kathleen had a brother Stephen who died in 1871 an infant ,and she also had a brother William who I have found in census andalso found out that he married Lillian Oram and sems to have settled at

Gillingham  Dorset see below the 1901 census with my granny Kathleen Cuff  niece staying with them.


1901 CENSUS Civil Parish: Gillingham Ecclesiastical parish: Gillingham St Mary the Virgin to Milton and East and West Stour Chapelries (Home Farm?)

William J Balch 37 Farmer

Lilian Balch36

Flora Balch5

Hilda Balch3

Reginald Balch1

Kathleen Cuff 12 niece bParkstone, Dorset


Kathleen Baulch also had a sister Mary b 1865  there must be some baulche's somewhere?? One branch from Somereset

Emigrated to America and produced a very large family and I found a webpage with much information and I suspect that it is the same family but have yet to prove it.


Taken from **

John Balch [the first in America] came from Somerset, England, to Massachusetts, in 1623. With this  fact the Balch genealogy in America begins.

The earliest mention of a Balch in Somerset records, which is at present known, occurs in a tax list compiled in the first year of the reign of Eward III, 1327, and it is remarkable that at that early date it takes the simple form of Balch, while in the meantime it has, at different periods, and in individual instances, lapsed no such add orthography as Balche, Balsh, Balshe, Baulch, Bawlch, etc.


But in 1327 at least two persons in Somerset were taxed under that name. Willelmo Balch, xii d., "Purye" [perhaps Puriton Hundred] and "Roberto Balch, I I k S.’ v. d.," in Manerium de Wryngton [manor of Wryngton]. There also appears on the same roll the name Balth, Blatche, Borliche, Barlich, Balchich, Balde and Bald – any or all of whom might have been Balches, since other and far more common names, such a Baker, Brown and Smith, appear with almost as peculiar variations.


It would be strange indeed, at a time when the English language was not yet crystallized, when only "clerks and priests could write, and official documents were drawn up in a medley of Latin, Norman-French and Anglo-Saxon, if such a name has escaped variation. Zone can well imagine the queer twists that spelling would take, when the Norman tax gather attempted to set down the name of a "Zummerzet" rustic as given to him with a bread west country accent.


In 1841 My Mary Balch was age 5 and in North Brewham *


1841*census*Civil Parish: North Brewham  

Hundred: Bruton : Somerset  

All said born in County*

John Balch40 hd

Ann Balch40 wife

Ann Balch 9 dau

Grace Balch15 dau

Henry Balch15 son

Jane Balch7 dau

John Balch12 son

Mary Balch5 dau  ***

Stephen Balch 2 Mo son

William Balch 2 son

1871 Census*Radipole Weymouth

Kate Baulsh 3 all b Radipole

Mary Baulsh 34 b North Brewham, Somerset (Dressmaker)

Mary Baulsh 5

Steven Baulsh10 months (he died 1871 just after his father)

William J Baush 7

1881 Census*Civil Parish: South Brewham County Somerset

Street address: Charcroft Hill

Kate Balch 13 b Weymouth

Mary Green 43 b Bruham, Somerset

Solomon Green 41 b Bruham, Somerset

Ida M. Howard 1 boarder b Bruham, Somerset

1891 Census*South Brewham

Ecclesiastical parish: Brewham 69 Garden Cottages

Town: South Brewham : Somerset

Mary Green 54 farm labourer(with her 2nd husband)

Solomon Green 52

1901 Census*Civil Parish: South Brewham

Ecclesiastical parish: North and South Brewham

Mary Green 62 b North Bruham

Solomon Green 67 b South Brewham ag lab