The Durzut Baird

A few from many delightfull poems penned by Ray Wills the Dorset Baird .Ray has penned hundreds of poems ,and
with a big focus on his native Dorset please visit his site to read some lovely poems that will evoke your childhood memories
 when the pace of life was much slower and gentle and all things seemed wonderful to a young lad or lass. Poetry and verse by the Dorset Poet Raymond Wills

A little Info about Ray . Dorset Baird !.
I present a wide range of my work here and hope that you will continue to visit my site regularly.

I was born in England in the countryside.I was raised on a farm in Dorset worked in a factory and for the british army as an officers batman before working with kids full time for four decades.As a play leader/manager of adventure playgrounds and community schemes and projects in the UK.

I originally began writing poems for friends when i was in my late teens.My influences have been Dylan(BOB),KEATS and William BARNES the Durzet dialect poet of dorchester.

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  Durzet Pastimes

Twas when i was a young lad of durzet breed
that i understood the lives they lead
i watched those rolling caravans
those heather-ed sprigs in outstretched hands

Old darky he could play the accordion cool
old Smokey he was nobody's fool
the hills were full of pine and cone
wherein the valley was my home

The brickyard chimney towered so high
where birds and clouds just hurried by
the dartford warblers sang each day
to take those morning blues away

Life was hard but we were free
we had our freedoms and our heritage history
where rabbits ran and fox chased game
where lords and ladies gained their fame

The canford manor and the magna road
the great ferns and Wallis downs
the fairground rides in old Poole town
the pottery arms and shovel inn
where reg got drunk just for his sins

The walks to market on rigwood road
the pony trap man with his load
the peddlers and the village dope
wash your face with carbolic soap

Before Mountbatten opened the pub
where Betty dated young john dove
where lads and lassies fell in love
beneath the stars and moon so grand above
  Durzet Lullabyes
In durzet vor thee zun be high
ve gathered in the barn afore the skies
twas there i found my love at last
n kissed her in the meadows fast
afore the zun had grown smore to rest
i laid my ed pon her breasts
n there where swans did float on by
i loved her till my sap twere all run dry
the zunners played pon the morn
where lambs do play n babes twere born
the cock did crow n the birds did zing
oh to be in durzet in the spring
  Durzet Views N tales
 Afine galleon sailed into durdle door
where the waves did splash upon the shores
where nearby lulworth cove gave pirates bold
secret caves to hide their treasure troves

Wool bridge manor by Egdon heath
thats where local zunners cut their teeth
on bere regis road the headless woman lived
near wareham forests where deer hid

at Poole bay by the lord nelsons inn
Gulliver the pirate went a courting
at Lilliput sands he sailed away
with contraband of tea almost every day
at least thats what the locals do say
to alderney manor studio
Augustus john the artist on Gypsy's pony rode
to kinsons Pelham's house where Gulliver lived
there they shared the yarns with jolly roger Sid

the Poole pirates are in the bay
when lady wishbone gave the canford kids a holiday
oh twas quite a durzet day
when the heather grew on stud-land bay

at swanage the secret seven met the famous five
when Enid blyton was so young and wise
she wrote great kiddies tales as her her enterprise
she made the laughter in their eyes

Baden Powell well formed the scouts at brownsea land
listen to the salvation army band
in days of yesterday and more
Thomas hardy wrote of Tess on egdon moor
so folks do come to Poole to find out more 
  Before The Houses
From bourne valley bottoms along the dirt track
the caravans rumbled to lodge hills and back
through hedges laden with bramble and gorse
lovely chestnuts to nibble with our little horse

There at coy meadows we drank from the streams
little fresh springs and wonders to dream
there were gypsies at Beale's in town today
wel tell you your fortune then be on our way

The village kids saw us and give us the eye
our caravan homes smoked right up to the skies
with rabbits to ferret and hedgehogs to eat
songs around the campfire and family to meet

The wheels rolled there daily and the stars shone at night
there were folks in their glory and clothes to delight
there was food on the table and rugs on the floors
the candles were lit and designs on our doors

The music we played there with accordion Joe's
the songs that we sang were older than dough
there were times which were hard then and folks who did stray
but we were far wiser than many today

The grass grew so course and the daisies were spread
like creation was labeled for the good and the dead
the queen of the gypsies was dark and so rare
she had braided long hair and spent days at Poole fair

The wagons were rich and the lamps they were gold
the children danced naked upon their tip toes
the chaffinches sung at the break of the day
as we ambled along with our stories to say

Now there's just tarmac and tower park ridge
where once there was magic with old uncle Sid
they lived on the heath then when the land it was free
before lord guest sold it for houses for thee

  Local Walks

Once we walked the moreton tracks
the tenko film set to wool and back
where they shot for the BBC
then they had their cups of tea

The reeds were high and the floor was mud
the trees were glory up above
the Japanese prisoner camp
the big screen lights and the fine reed mats

Close by the wool durberville bridge house
where men were transported for shooting rabbits and grouse
here where tom browns schooldays too were shot
as extras we didn't get a lot

Here we were in Hardy's fine country
with all that rugged purbeck stones scene
here were pony's with bridles free
the Gentry's land was home to me

Cross the egdon heath where the nuclear power station stood
by yonder streams and where we lived like Robbie hood
where tanks were fired each and every day
the grass was rich where we did play

The wee railway station still stands today
with routes from London to weymouth bay
with soldiers tall and calvary
we took or trips out to the swanage sea
  Dorset Boyhood

It was a dorset boyhood
like a walk in the park
a stroll on the hillsides
or a light in the dark

All of the memories came flooding my way
the walk up at corfe on a summer bright day
the cows in the meadows and the lambs all at play
the horses out riding or the light in the bay

The cowslips and clover on top of the hill
the view of the valley where the rivers lay still
the steam train with hooting and the tears in your eyes
the walks across the purbecks all of my enterprise

The castle of adventure that beckons me there
with Enid blytons stories and the lights of the fair
the market at wareham and the walls that surround
the views from the meadows and the leaves on the ground

The boyhood that called me back once again
the sounds of the cuckoo and the chickens let out from their pens
the talk of the yokels with zunners a few
with daisy chains scattered with little boy blue

The chimes of the church bells at st Marys today
the run oer the heath lands where we did once play
the chase on the saw pits and the sandpit's each day
the lizards and grass snakes within the tall hay

The walks to stobourough to collect chestnuts at dusk
the lights in the harbor at Poole was a must
the pirates at lulworth with ships on display
with the durdle door opened and the ship in the bay

Its all just a memory and to reason to share
a walk through ole dorset beyond compare
with hardy and Lawrence at clouds hill remote
we lived in our dreams with our lives full of hope
   Dorset Frolics

If you ever come to dorset
be it in summer or in winters snow
be sure to wear a smile
everywhere you go

For there's monkeys on the egdon heath they say
there's cuckoos in Stoubourgh ridge
there's swans upon the river Frome
at the Stour there's the dreaded midge

There's funny accents on the quay
on Warehams market day
there's couples laughing on the high town walls
then there's lambs at Wool you can see them play

There's funny things to see they say
at Bluepool in the clay
there's a seventh wonder of the world
at Lulworths coves great bay

If you ever come to Dirset
be it Shaftesbury or Poole
don't forget to visit Wimborne
for there's yokels out there too

There's Victoria at Weymouth sands
where she went to bathe
there's Enid Blyton stories at Swanage here
I'm sure you'd be amazed

Here is treasure island
they call it Brownsea now
there's sheep out in the meadows
with farmers milking cows

With Lawrence of Arabia
he fell on cloudy hill
there's tank to ride with prince Harry
at Bovington they chat about him still

There's caves and heaths to wander
purbeck hills to climb
corfes castle of adventure
to keep you young in mind

So if you visit Bournemouth
don't look for me out there
for I'm going off to Ringwood
to frolic at the fair